Screen OCR SDK library: copy text from any app

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OCR library
OCR library
OCR library
   Screen OCR SDK is a programmers' library that makes it possible to capture text from Windows screens that are under the control of other programs, in realtime. Use it to capture text from any application that does not provide communication APIs in order to feed your program with text. It creates output as text, not graphics, which allows further processing, such as dictionary lookup or relays to translation tools. Imagine your customer capturing any text on the screen - even when a copy/paste option is not available; using a hotkey and a click of the mouse, your dictionary pops up with text already translated/explained.

   You can capture text from any part of any window, including Windows error messages, legacy systems/applications, proprietary console programs, Terminal Server windows, and so on. Using optical character recognition (OCR) technology, this program grabs text directly from the screen, without interacting with application internals.

   Screen OCR SDK is an OCR-based solution that is precise and incredibly fast; it can capture text even if custom fonts are used. Screen OCR library can be combined with different types of software, including automation software, stock quote analyzers, dictionaries, translation tools, and organizer applications.

   - Captures text from rectangle
   - Captures word from point
   - Captures whole window
   - Includes interactive text capture (user can select area or point to screen to capture text from it)
   - Provides Unicode support
   - Easily integrates into other applications
   - Captures font information (font name, size, and color)

   We provide C++, Visual Basic, and C# samples in the trial version in order to demonstrate the text capture library features. All samples are intentionally built with the oldest system available - namely, Microsoft Visual Studio 2002. Project file(s) will be automatically converted and adopted by your version of compiler without any hassle.

   Although most computer programs can copy and paste text, not all screens or programs have these edit features. Screen OCR SDK captures text from windows that do not support copy/paste functions! It works with most windows controls available on your computer: buttons, combo boxes, edit fields, status bars, tree views, Internet Explorer windows, and so on. It can capture all items from folder trees, file lists, status lines, text content of messages, and dialog boxes, including both visible and invisible items.

   It fully supports DOS Console windows (Lucida Console or any other custom font), so you can feed a new program with text data from legacy systems, such as Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and teller terminal windows. Use it to capture window contents from any existing/legacy application that has no communication interface and is impossible, prohibited, or expensive to change.

OCR library
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OCR COM interface  ... as a business owner and a programmer.... it's just really nice when something actually works and works well.... awesome!
Kem Sisson, Money Movers, Inc

OCR library .NET  Screen OCR has been an invaluable tool for our business. It is easy to program with ...
... The response from their customer support was fast and extremely helpful. Overall a great product with great support.

Daniel W, Finiti

OCR library .NET  I use ScreenOCR to copy into text whatever I see in my computer screen. This tool has paid itself many times over as I can do my day to day tasks in a fraction of time it used to take me before. For any computer programmer ScreenOCR is a must have tool.
Jose Zaldivar, Palante Solutions, Calgary, AB, Canada

OCR library .NET has saved me so much time because it captures every screen so easily and accurately, despite the best efforts of the training software to make it difficult...I am so delighted that I have gone ahead and purchased the program because you deserve the money. I just love it.
Robert P., Australia

OCR library .NET  Many of the software companies I have dealt with lately say they offer support, but it turns out to be a user forum they do not monitor or a superficial listing of worthless FAQs. That is not the case with ScreenOCR. Their support team has been personable, knowledgeable and very helpful in working with me to solve my problem. H G Washington, NC

OCR library .NET  This is a wonderfully helpful program. I use it everyday, and it speeds up my productivity greatly. Thanks for coming up with it.
Elaine H., AK
OCR library .NET
OCR library .NET
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